Building Use Request

Please fill out this form as completely as possible. All dates must be known to reserve the room. For weddings, please contact the church office directly. If this is a recurring event, please note this under Additional Information. Requests should be submitted at least one week prior to the requested date to allow time for processing. If you have questions or need help completing the form, please contact the church office for assistance.

Please review the Building Use Policy and the corresponding fee structure listed therein.

Using the Tab key to advance between fields may be necessary towards the end of this form.
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Contact Person
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Please select whether this is a recurring event. If recurring, please note the additional dates in the "Additional Information" field below.
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I don't have a specific room request. Please assign any available room to this request that meets the needs of this event.
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Please indicate if this request is ONLY for technical needs and you are not requesting a room to be reserved.
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Audio/Video Equipment Needs
Please list the name and quantity of any other items requests (tables/chairs, etc.).
Submission Instructions
Please make sure to fully complete all above fields marked with a *. Once you have fully completed the form click on the "Send Request" button below. If the form has been fully completed, you will receive an on-screen confirmation stating that your request has been submitted. If you do not receive an on-screen confirmation, please check to see if the form was completed fully. Any required fields that were not entered will show up in red. Complete those areas and resubmit. If you have further questions, please contact the church office.