Check-In with Realm

What is Realm?

Realm was developed for managing the security of children while under the care of a ministry. Realm focuses on speeding families through the check-in process and providing real-time communications and information to the staff and guardians while providing the tools to help manage the security of the children in Children’s Ministry.

Realm Check-In System is in place for:

  1. Child security
  2. Streamlining the check-in and check-out process
  3. Ministry staff and parent communications

Where do I register?

Your family can register at the Children’s Welcome Center located at the rear of our building, or in the Nursery hallway near the North Main Entrance. All children in our Children’s Ministry (Infant through 5th Grade) must be registered.

How long will it take to register?

Registration only takes a few minutes and consists of adding parent/guardian names, home address and phone number.

How to check in and out


  1. Enter name (First, last or just last), or last four digits of phone number.
  2. Press Enter.
  3. Select the correct family
  4. Select family members checking in for each appropriate event (there will be two Sunday a.m. events for younger children) by clicking in the circle under the person's name. This will put a check mark in the circle, indicating they are present for that event. Do this for each family member that is checking into an event.
  5. Press "Check In (#) People".
  6. Name badges and a claim ticket will print on the Dymo printer at the station. Please tear down to remove them from the printer.
  7. Put name badge on child(ren) and keep the claim ticket for pickup. there is a unique code printed on both the child(ren)'s name badge and the claim ticket. These must match when each child is picked up.
  8. If you lose your claim ticket, Do Not try and print a new one. You must see your child's teacher to resolve this.

There are Check-In staff posted at the welcome center and by the nursery if you are need of assistance .