Camp Barakel with Dr. Hutchison

Dr. Tom Hutchison spoke on Daniel - "Living Faithfully for the Long Haul." Dr. Hutchison struck the Young Adults with the fact that Daniel was known for his faithfulness to God over 80 plus years. Daniel was faithful through leader and even empire changes (we don't often think of an 80 plus year old in the Lion's Den). In the end, if they wanted to accuse him of anything, the only fault they could find was in the way he served his God. 

Dr. Hutchison looked at 5 challenges Daniel faced that sounds eerily like what people deal with today:

  • "Absent" God (seemingly)
  • Disappointing Mentors/Leaders
  • Natural Abilities
  • Cultural Expectations
  • Prosperity

Dr. Hutchison then unpacked 5 commitments Daniel made which reflected his understanding of 3 critical truths about God.