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* I understand that this is a one year commitment. With the Lord's help, I will do my best to be prompt and present for each rehearsal and for each service where the choir is scheduled to ring (1 Sunday per month (September-Early May), one Sunday per month (June-August), Christmas concerts on December 8-10, Spring Concert on May 6 and extra rehearsals as scheduled. *I understand that I am responsible for my music and I will return it to the director when I am finished with it. *I understand that as a handbell choir member, I am expected to be a lead worshipper in the church and as such, will exemplify a lifestyle of worship and will model exemplary commitment to our great God, Calvary Bible Church and the Calvary Handbell Choir. I will regularly attend worship services at Calvary Bible Church. I will serve in such a way as to glorify God and encourage others to do the same.