HomeGroups will begin meeting the week of
June 17 to continue through the end of August 29

Summer HomeGroups are a great way to stay connected throughout the summer and enjoy a Bible study and prayer time with people of all ages. These groups are designed to increase fellowship and outreach in our area neighborhoods, and have proven to be a real blessing to those attending.  

HomeGroups are a great place for people to get involved within the Calvary family beyond Sunday morning worship. With many small groups meeting in homes throughout Kalamazoo and surrounding areas on weekday evenings, there is sure to be one close to you.  Signups will begin in May in the Fellowship Center.

This summer we are offering our HomeGroup leaders six study options.  They include a variety of topics such as providing a Biblical perspective on suffering, learning to see dilemmas and discouragements through God's eyes, discovering how humility can become a part of our everyday lives, understanding how the "fear of man" is something we all fall prey to, and how to address it...   There are also studies that focus on the the wisdom found in Proverbs, a study of the Beatitudes, and another focused on exploring the Book of Psalms.   Below, you will find a more detailed description of each.


Book Selections for 2018 HomeGroups

By Scott E. Shaum

For those who are suffering, who look and long for your suffering to change, or those who know someone who is currently going through suffering, this is a wonderful resource.   As paradoxical as it seems, God in His wisdom has designed the human soul to require suffering of various kinds in His redemptive process.

The Uninvited Companion reflects on the shaping work of a loving Father through life’s hardships.  As we allow Him to show us how to respond well to Him during seasons of adversity, He draws us deeper in His love, life and wisdom.  Our sufferings have deep transformative impact on us.  We become carriers of God’s loving presence to others in their adversity.

By Robert J. Morgan

Robert Morgan was feeling overwhelmed with life's pressures when he turned to his daily Bible reading, Exodus 14. In further study and meditation on that chapter he identified ten principles for handling dilemmas and discouragements. He has found them to be an effective strategy for coping with the stresses of life.

His Red Sea Rule #1: Realize that God meant for you to be where you are. Rule #2: Be more concerned for God's glory than for your relief. He realized that asking the right question is essential. Rather than asking, “How can I get out of this mess?”, ask, “How can God be glorified in this situation?”…

He has included many stories to illustrate his rules. Some are from his own life, some from biographies and many from the Bible. He includes stories of God's miraculous deliverance in Rule #8: Trust God to deliver in His own unique way. He describes God delivering overtly (through a miracle), covertly (by providence), and mysteriously (a deeper level of intervention than we can discern).

This is a great little book that may be nice for a group that desired light reading and prep, yet rich discussions.   Each of the rules is a practical and biblical principle that will help us live out our daily lives to the glory of God.

By Ed Welch

Don’t pick this book up expecting to read it for someone else’s benefit.  The fear of man one of those “respectable sins” that we all fall prey to.  As Christians, we are redeemed and justified in God’s sight, yet the desire to be wanted and accepted and needed by other people, is common to us all. 

In the book, Welch stresses the importance of having a biblical understanding of ourselves and others.  He defines the fear of man by discussing a list of ways that it manifests itself:  through fear of exposure or humiliation, fear of rejection or ridicule, or fear of physical attack or oppression.   He states “People are our favorite idol.  We exalt them and their perceived power above God…what we fear shows our allegiances.  It shows where we put our trust.  It shows who is big in our lives…”.  In one way or another, we are all tainted by the tendency to make an idol out of other people.  This book does a masterful job of exposing this sin and providing it’s Biblical cure, which comes by focusing on God’s amazing attributes.  He says “The most radical treatment for the fear of man is the fear of the Lord”.   

By Jerry Bridges

We all admire humility when we see it. But how do we practice it? How does humility―the foundational virtue of the normal Christian life―become a normal part of our everyday lives?  While Scripture teaches that “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble”, pride continually  rear it’s ugly head in all of us.

Jerry Bridges sees in the Beatitudes a series of blessings from Jesus, a pattern for humility in action. Starting with poverty in spirit―an acknowledgment that in and of ourselves we are incapable of living holy lives pleasing to God―and proceeding through our mourning over personal sin, our hunger and thirst for righteousness, our experience of persecutions large and small, and more, we discover that humility is itself a blessing: At every turn, God is present to us, giving grace to the humble and lifting us up to blessing.

Warren Wiersbe

Rediscover this powerful collection of praise, prayer, and worship.  Our God is extraordinary. A loving Savior. A caring Comforter. A tenderhearted Father. The One who has pursued our hearts at any cost. The book of Psalms celebrates the love story between creation and its Creator. It’s a story that shares the remarkable attributes of God, and our joyous response to all that He is. This study guide explores the book of Psalms, a collection that continues to be the definitive devotional, prayer book, and hymnal for every believer.

The Wiersbe Bible Studies Series explores timeless wisdom found in God’s word. Based on Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe’s popular “BE” series, each study provides topical, relevant insights from selected books of the Bible. Designed for small groups, this twelve chapter study features selected commentaries from BE Worshipful and BE Exultant!, engaging questions, and practical applications, all designed to help you connect God’s word with your life.

Navigators LifeChange Series  

The Navigators have produced another well-written Bible Study in the Life Change series. This one features the book of Proverbs over the course of 15 lessons. Unlike some of the more lengthy studies out there, these lessons are structured in the inductive style which allows one to study Scripture passages and then apply them to one's own life. Each lesson also includes the option of more in-depth questions for personal reflection or group discussion. Study helps, instruction for group leaders, and some Biblical background information are included. If you're tired of book studies and want to get back to The Book, this Bible study will guide you in the way of wisdom, and other life lessons where God desires for you to live more faithfully each day.