Check-In with Parent Pager

What is Parent Pager?

Parent Pager was developed for managing the security of children while under the care of a ministry. Parent Pager focuses on speeding families through the check-in process and providing real-time communications and information to the staff and guardians while providing the tools to help manage the security of the children in Children’s Ministry.

Parent Pager Check-In System is in place for:

  1. Child security
  2. Streamlining the check-in and check-out process
  3. Ministry staff and parent communications

Where do I register?

Your family can register at the Children’s Welcome Center located at the rear of our building, or in the Nursery hallway near the North Main Entrance. All children in our Children’s Ministry (Infant through 5th Grade) must be registered in Parent Pager.

How long will it take to register?

Registration only takes a few minutes and consists of adding parent/guardian names, home address and phone number, a simple fingerprint scan for easy check-in (actual fingerprints are not recorded, but rather a scrambled code is created from the scan), and a photo of each parent/guardian and child.

How to check in and out


  1. Hold your finger on the finger scanner.
  2. Select “Child In.”
  3. Select the child (or children) being checked in, then select “Next.”
  4. Choose a pager and swipe it over the scanner, if assigning one. If not, select “Finish.” Check-in slip(s) and name tag(s) will print.
  5. Place the child’s name tag on their back. Be sure to also place an “Allergy Alert” sticker if the child has allergies.

Take the check-in slip with the child to their room. A child can not be dropped off without a check-in slip.


  1. Hold your finger on the finger scanner or swipe the pager over the scanner.
  2. Select “Child Out.”
  3. Select the child (or children) being checked out, the select “Next.”
  4. Return the pager, if necessary. Check-out slip(s) will print.

Take the check-out slip to pick up the child. A child can not be picked up without a check-out slip. 

Instructions are always posted at each computer station if you forget how to check in or out.