GEM-R-10 - God's 12-Step Program for Every Man in Christ's Church

If we gathered every young man in the church to give them the most important Biblical lessons they would ever get—what would those lessons be to prepare them for a life of blessing, spiritual influence, and show them the pathway to spiritual maturity?

These are the types of questions that Sunday School teachers, youth workers, and pastors often ponder.

The good news this morning is, that God already thought of those questions. He actually moved upon Paul the Apostle’s heart and poured out the Holy Spirit through Paul’s mind into a letter. God has a wonderful plan for Christ's Church.

This morning we return to God’s written down, specific desires for every saved, born-again, redeemed man in Christ's Church. Wherever you are on the age spectrum this is what God says should be the 12-part measuring stick that you use to know that you are building a life according to God’s plans.

These twelve aspects are steps down the pathway of a life that pleases God and bears the fruit that lasts forever. First, at the start of this year we carefully studied:

God’s Six Desires
For Every Mature Man

Were you here back then? Do you remember what was the plan God had in mind to transform the men of Crete? The same plan He has for all the mature men of Christ's church! Follow along as I read Titus 2:1-2:

But as for you, speak the things which are proper for sound doctrine: 2 that the older men be sober, reverent, temperate, sound in faith, in love, in patience;

Six qualities are to become the life-priorities for grace-energized men. Note the first trio of godly choices in verse 2:

1. God wants men in Christ's Church to be SOBER, so He can use them: MAINTAINING A BALANCED LIFE IN AN OBSESSIVE-COMPLUSIVE WORLD

2. God wants men in Christ's Church to be REVERENT so He can use them: GETTING SERIOUS ABOUT LIFE IN AN AMUSED WORLD

3. God wants men in Christ's Church to be TEMPERATE so He can use them: LIVING A CONSISTENT LIFE IN A FOOLISH WORLD

4. God wants men in Christ's Church to be SOUND IN FAITH so He can use them: GUARDING A HEALTHY MIND IN A SICK WORLD

5. God wants men in Christ's Church to be SOUND IN LOVE so He can use them: STAYING TENDER HEARTED IN A CRUEL WORLD

6. God wants men in Christ's Church to be SOUND IN PATIENCE so He can use them: FINISHING HOPEFULLY IN A DESPAIRING WORLD

Grace-energized men living in a sin-energized world is God’s plan.

God is on the lookout for men who are sold-out, full-hearted, true-seekers of Him.

The standard we are to follow, and for which we will answer to Him is the clear list of character-choices laid down in God's Word. These six are what God expects, what God wants, what His grace can energize you to become—if only you will yield to Him.

As you sit before Him this morning—what does God see you really are on the inside? Does He see a longing on your part to be all that He wants you to be?

If not, why not surrender to Him right now? Bow your head and heart before the Lord and whisper to Him in your heart that you want to become the man He wants you to be starting TODAY!

Now, allow your eyes to slip down from verse two to verse six. Here we catch up with the second half of the instructions for men. The first half in v. 2 is for older men, and those six qualities are what defines them as “mature” men of godliness.

Starting in verse 6 we find the pathway that needs to be followed to reach that place of maturity. In v. 6-8 we find what God wants to see growing in the character of every young man. Titus was a young man, and just as with Timothy (in those words: “let no one despise your youth but be an example in…”), Paul includes Titus in the description of what God expects, desires, looks for and wants in EVERY young man.

Training Tomorrow’s
Godly Men Today