GEM-R-12 - In All Things Showing Yourself to be a Pattern of Good Works - Representing Christ in a Christless World

Today as we open to John 10, we are looking at one of the most foundational truths of being born-gain Christians. Jesus made salvation, eternal life, and assurance of eternal security so SIMPLE. He sums EVERYTHING up with these words in v. 27:

John 10:27 (NKJV) My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.

Salvation is so personal: we are His sheep; we can hear His voice; and—the way we know we are His comes from following His voice.

Think of a shepherd who speaks, and of sheep that turn their heads, listen, and then start walking towards him. That is true Christianity!

Following Christ's voice in His Word and thus following Him: that is assurance, that is salvation; and that is all reduced to FOLLOWING Him!

Now as we turn on to Titus 2:7, we come to the second desire God has for every man. If you are a young man, God is asking: “Are you FOLLOWING Me so that your LIFE a PATTERN for others to follow?”

Titus 2 is the plan God had for every person that claimed Christ as Lord and Savior. These choices please Him. All He asks is that we surrender our life to hear and FOLLOW Him. Our responsibility is to be sure we hear Him!

God’s Voice is
In His Word

Titus 2:6-7 is God explaining His plan, in His word, asking men to follow Him:

v. 6 “Likewise exhort the young men”: 

1. “To be sober-minded”: Ask yourself, “Have I chosen to Live a Restrained Life in an Unrestrained World?” 
2. v. 7 “in all things showing yourself to be a pattern of good works”: Ask yourself, “Do I want to Follow Christ In A Christ-less World?”
3. “In doctrine showing integrity”: Ask yourself, “Have I chosen to Maintain Godly Purity In An Impure World?” 
4. “Reverence”: Ask yourself, “Am I Keeping A Singular Focus In A Blurred World?” 
5. “Incorruptibility”: Ask yourself, “Am I resolved to Keeping an Uncorroded Life in a Decaying World? “ 
6. v. 8 “sound speech that cannot be condemned, that one who is an opponent may be ashamed, having nothing evil to say of you”. (NKJV): Ask yourself, “Am I really Speaking God’s Words In A Godless World?”

Our spiritual lives are not really at that complex. Life in Christ is actually simple. Paul took Christ's words about the simplicity of following Him. God’s voice is His Word; and salvation is following Him. Paul led pagans into turning to God, following Christ, and asking others to follow their example. Salvation was seen as people were:

Turning to
Follow His Voice

This week in our Men of the Word 12 x 12 Bible studies, we discussed the incredible account of how the Gospel arrived in Thessalonica: and pagans turned to follow the voice of God through His Word. If you’ll join me in I Thessalonians 1 for a moment, look at how God originally presented salvation through His Word.

God’s Voice is His Word; and salvation is following Him.