Delights of a Word-Filled Marriage

DWM-52 - Beware of Affluenza : Praying in Godliness with Contentment For Our Children

Today God wants us living for Heaven, and every other day of our earthly lives. 

But, we have to do so in the midst of an epidemic that has gotten stronger century by century. This flu we face as believers in Christ each day is far more deadly than the H1N1 variety of influenza now loitering and infecting people across the globe. Affluenza or materialism is a deadly disease that robs Christians of their desire for Heaven and replaces it with a desire for earth.

DWM-51 - Praying For A Godly Marriage Partner

God loves things to be according to His specifications. He likes us to follow the code He has established in His Word. When Moses went up the mountain in Exodus 24:18-25:40, God showed him the detailed plans for the Tabernacle, the most written about physical building in the Universe. More chapters are devoted to the detailed descriptions of this building than any other in the Bible. God spent more time on the Tabernacle than He does on the Creation of the Cosmos, the Flood and even the last week of Christ's life.

DWM-47 - What God Says to Look For in a Woman

God gives us two different inspired descriptions of women  in Proverbs. In fact, if you sorted through the 31 chapters, 915 verses and over 15,000 words of the Book of Proverbs, you can find just over 200 verses that actually declare what good men and women, boys and girls look and act like, and what the immature, unspiritual, and ungodly opposites look and act like. 

DWM-44 - The Myth of the Perfect Family

There are 1189 chapters in the Bible. As we open to Psalm 127-128, we open to two of the most beautiful pictures of marriage and family life in all of God's Word, captured on paper for us to read. God allows us to see marriage and family life from His perspective, with children described as growing like these healthy green, fruitful trees, entwined lovingly into our lives as parents, and growing with us in godliness. 

DWM-43 - Praying Through Life For Those You Love

As we open to I Thessalonians 5, there is one tool God left us above all others that is ours alone to use. We are not forced, we are not obligated, we are just offered the single greatest source of unleashing spiritual power through our lives. And what is that tool we can take or leave each day? It is the tool that keeps us connected to God, His Word, His plan, His power, and His Presence—the choice we make to talk to Him in prayer!

DWM-41 - The Unlimited Power of Unhindered Prayer in A Godly Marriage

The unlimited power of unhindered prayer in marriage is explained by Peter in chapter 3 to be in the context of a submissive, servant-hearted couple, living together in a harmonious, godly marriage. For us today we should remember that the majority of all adults in America are married. So our study today touches on most of us here. Either you are currently married, or will be someday be married, so this message from God's Word is for YOU!

DWM-40 - The Delights of a Word-Filled Wife and Mother

Paul himself takes on a picture of a gentle and loving mother, nursing her children, as the example of how he sought to disciple and nurture the church. Paul’s a role model that we can follow as we think of the lifelong calling to love and pray for our children. Our children by God’s grace can become our brothers and sisters in Christ, and by our nurturing love, can become our life long friends. 

DWM-36 - Husbands Who Love Like Jesus

As we open to Ephesians 5, think about the end of Creation Week, as God looked over the entire scope of the Universe He fashioned, only one element was “not good”. It was man. Adam was alone, and God said that wasn’t good. So God crowned the six stellar days of creation with Eve, the perfect partner and friend for Adam. When God designed marriage, it was to perfectly complete those He had fashioned in His image. God established a vital truth: a designer marriage would be one lived the way God designed it to be. Sadly, most marriages are not designer marriages.