John Barnett

Remembering Why Jesus Came on the First Resurrection Sunday

2014-04-20 10:30
As we open to Luke 24, we are joining those disciples on the first Resurrection Sunday, who loved Christ with all their hearts. Luke captures the fullest account of the first moments of Resurrection morning in v. 1-8. Those faithful women are there at the scene, unlike us who are twenty-centuries removed: they are at Ground Zero of the greatest event of history. Think about what it must have been like to have experienced, what we read about here: Ground Zero: Resurrection Sunday Morning

The Discipline of Disciple-Making: Christ - the Center of the Disciple's Life

2014-04-06 10:30
Each of us here today became Christ's disciple the moment of our salvation. Disciples are Christ's sheep, who hear His voice, and follow Him. Followers are disciples, disciples are believers, and believers are Christians, and Christians have been born again at the moment they were saved. So we gather as God’s family, saved by grace, through faith, the moment we called upon the Name of the Lord.