Let's follow Christ together.

ENGAGE and ENCOUNTER the living God. 

High School isn’t easy. Peer pressure. Good grades. TV, movies, and music. Winning at sports. Popularity. Family issues. Big decisions. College or no college? The list goes on. How can you even begin to hear the still, small voice of God through all that noise? The answer isn’t easy. But it’s simple. The Bible, God’s love letter to His chosen people, is full of wisdom and principles for any and every situation anyone could ever face, including you. We want you to experience the joy found only in God. Here at Calvary we have programs established to help you through these years.

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Engage on Sunday Mornings

Learn how to understand God’s Word and apply it, no matter what the situation. Come at 10:30 a.m. in theBLOC (Student Ministries Room) to sing, pray, learn, and connect with other teenagers facing similar circumstances.

Encounter on Wednesday Nights

At 6:30 p.m. on Wednesdays during the school year, come and enjoy a fun, productive, time with peers and mentors who encourage spiritual growth and Godliness. This midweek get-together is an awesome way for students and their friends to get introduced to the group.


E-Groups during the week

Life is better in circles than in rows, isn't it? E-Groups are available for students to meet in a small group setting. These groups help students learn how to follow Christ in their daily lives through Bible study, develop friendships with other students, and have a thriving prayer life.

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