Our last evening for GrowthGroups will be May 3.  GrowthGroup will not be meeting
during the summer and will resume on Wednesday, September 13.  
HomeGroups will take the place of our Wednesday evening activities
and will begin on either June 20, or 21st, depending on the group you are in.

GrowthGroups meet during the fall, winter and spring on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. and provides a greater focus upon the study and application of the scriptures to daily life. There are groups focused upon in-depth Bible study as well as groups more topically focused, from the essential foundational doctrines of our faith to the biblical response for many contemporary issues. In every group there is always time given to prayer and fellowship as well.

Directions to each GrowthGroup can be obtained at the Welcome Center in the lobby.  Download the new 2017 Winter brochure for more information

Family dinner

Start your Wednesday off with our family dinner from 5:30–6:30 p.m. (served until 6:10 p.m.). The dinner is open to all, and it's a great opportunity to get to know others at Calvary.

Suggested donation is $2 per child between the ages of two and ten, $3 per person over the age of ten and a maximum charge of $10 per family.

Personal study

There are many quiet areas of the church, including our Fellowship Center and our Library that are great places for personal study or prayer. Stop by the Library to pick up a book or movie! We have books for adults and children, Bible studies, doctrine, commentaries, quality Christian literature, and practical advice for Christian living. We also have audio books, VHS and DVD Christian movies and tapes.

Studies for everyone

These groups are open to anyone at anytime, and meet Wednesday nights at 6:30–8:00 p.m.

Global Prayer Group

Leader: Steve Edwards
Location: Prayer Room

Someone once said “Prayer does not fit us for the greater work, prayer is the greater work.” Come be a part of this group that reviews and prays for the needs of Calvary’s global partners and their families, as well as Calvary’s ministry needs and outreach across the world. Everyone welcome. 

Evangelism/prayer support for evangelism

Leader: Mark Meulendyk
Location: Lobby

Whether you share your faith on a regular basis, or would like to learn how, we welcome you to join others who reach out and share the Good News of Jesus Christ.  The team goes out in small groups, pairing those desiring to learn with others with experience.  The group meets in the main lobby for prayer prior to going out.

Putting Your Past in It's Place

Leader: Bert Lumetta
Location: Room 300

Lives grind to a halt when people don’t know how to relate to their past. Some believe “the past is nothing” and attempt to suppress the brokenness again and again. Others make the past more important than their present and future. Neither approach moves people toward healing or hope.  Using Scripture to lead us forward, this group will provide practical measures to help people understand the important place “the past” is given in Scripture, replace guilt and despair with forgiveness and hope, and turn failures into stepping stones for growth.

The World of the New Testament

Leader: Dan Johnson
Location: Reception Room A

This class will focus on the historical, cultural, social, and religious contexts of the first century in which the New Testament was written.  It will help give a more informed understanding of the context within which the events described in the New Testament would have taken place and within which the New Testament books themselves were written in the first century. 

Study for men

Men’s Wednesday night Bible study

Leader: Randy St. John
Location: Reception Room B

A drop in Bible Study for Men. This year we will be studying the Book of Genesis. We start with fellowship through praise and prayer, followed by a guided discussion after reading a chapter.

Study for women

Wednesday Night Light

Leaders: Sally Varnell and Donna Steinke
Location: Room 214

A group for ladies of all ages that requires no homework, no books to purchase and a desire to know God better. We will begin the new year studying the books of Ruth and Esther. Come and fellowship with us.