Every child at Calvary Bible Church is encouraged to please the Lord by learning to display and proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ. Children are given opportunities to serve others. We seek to help kids reach their friends for Christ and we strive for excellence in our Bible teaching to equip our children to be and make disciples.


Our vision is to bring children into a relationship with Jesus Christ and teach them to follow Him. Central to our Children's Ministry is Jesus Christ and His saving work on the cross.



Parents of babies and toddlers will sign children in at a computer checkpoint. A phone number is provided on the name tag allowing Nursery Staff access to the parent at any time should they be needed by their child. Children will only be released to the person with the corresponding claim ticket. Older children are signed in and out of classrooms ensuring their safety. Nursery and classroom staff members are screened carefully as added protection for your children.

Creative Bible teaching

Purposeful Biblical teaching is foundational for children’s spiritual growth and maturity. Creativity is essential in making a long lasting impression of the lessons taught each week.

Age–appropriate environment

We’re committed to offering your child a spiritual setting to learn lessons that will leave a lasting impression. Each classroom is designed to be not only safe but also effective in nurturing a desire to learn about God and have meaningful fellowship with the teachers and other children.

Intentional shepherding

Intentional shepherding is accomplished through the adult ministry staff, children working in small groups where individualized attention is given to each child, and the parent/ministry staff relationships that are nurtured.


Children are exposed to missions through correspondence with the missionary families that are supported by Calvary Bible Church. Developing a heart for missions begins early and children learn how they can be missionaries in their own communities.


As a way of sharpening our focus and working together to see students come to know Christ and grow in their faith, we have created Calvary Student Ministries. While Middle School and High School operate independently, this “umbrella” will pool our resources for greater impact and communicate to our church body and community that students of all ages are valued and important.

We want to invite you to get involved with our Student Ministries and join a group of students who are passionate about living for Jesus Christ and wanting to grow in their spiritual lives. If that's you, don't hesitate to join us!