Adult Application for Next Generation Ministries Staff

Calvary Bible Church encourages qualified persons within the church to apply for service in one or more areas within Next Generation Ministries. This process will include:

- This completed application form which must be submitted to the Next Generation Ministry leadership Staff

- An interview with the Next Generation Ministry Leadership Staff

- A complete reference check

- Have currently attended Calvary Bible Church for at least 6 consecutive months

In order to provide a safe and secure environment for our children and students and to minimize the church's and your own vulnerability to accusation, we have adopted the following application form. The information contained in this form will be kept confidential and will be disclosed only to those who have a reasonable need to know. 

**You must be 18 years old or older to fill out this application**


Calvary Bible Church Next Generation Ministry 

Staff Guidelines 

In an effort to provide a safe, secure environment for our children and students, Calvary Bible Church has adopted several guidelines that are to be strictly followed:

I. Staffing Qualifications

  1. Membership - All positions of leadership, including all directors shall be members of this church."All those that teach the Word of God in the ministries of this church shall be members. All leaders, directors and teachers shall be approved by the Elders."

  2. Six Month Rule - a staff prospect must first have currently attended Calvary Bible Church for at least six consecutive months before being considered for a ministry position.

  3. Application & interview - All staff prospects are required to complete the appropriate application (youth or adult) and sign the Covenant and Staff Guidelines an interview may be required.

  4. Adult Chaperones and Supervisors - All adult chaperones and staff members must complete the "Application for Children's Ministry" form before participating in any overnight activities with the child.

  5. Exclusions - Adults who have pleaded guilty or have been convicted or adjudicated of child sexual or physical abuse will not be permitted to minister with children.

  6. Suspected Cases of Child Abuse - Staff members who suspect child abuse should promptly contact the Executive Pastor. If needed, a "Incident Report" will be completed. Staff members should be aware of the clues to recognizing child abuse. See "Keys to Recognizing Child Abuse and Neglect".

II. Nursery Child Protection Policies

  1. Security System - Children will only be released to the individual with the proper claim ticket. This system is designed to ensure children are safely dropped off and released. Siblings are only allowed to pick up children if they are 6th grade or older.

  2. "Two Worker Rule" - There should always be at least two adult workers present when caring for children. At no time is a worker to be alone with a child or children. If you are the only worker present, do not accept children. Ask a parent to stay until another worker arrives.

  3. Diaper Changing/Restrooms - Male workers may not change diapers or take children to the restroom. When taking children to the restroom leave the door open slightly.

  4. Medication - Volunteers are not allowed to dispense any type of medication to children.

  5. Redirection and Time-out - If a child becomes frustrated or aggressive, redirect their attention to another toy or activity. If this is unsuccessful, a brief timeout may be used (maximum of 3 minutes). If child's aggressive behavior continues, please contact the parent. Do not raise your voice or spank any child!

II. Child Protection Policies

  1. "Two Worker Rule" - There should always be at least two adult workers present when caring for children. At no time is a worker to be alone with a child or children. If you are the only worker present, do not accept children. Ask a parent to stay until another worker arrives. At bathroom breaks, two adults must be present. In the classroom bathrooms, one adult may assist a child but the door must be left ajar.

  2. Parental Permission - If a staff member has a legitimate reason to be alone with a child ( e.g., an out of church activity), he or she must first obtain parental permission to do so. For all off-campus activities that are sponsored by the church, a signed "Parent Permission Release Form" must be obtained for each participating child. These forms are available in the mailroom.

  3. Accountability - In order to protect the children, staff members are to personally hold each other accountable. Any inappropriate behavior should be reported to a ministry leader. Examples of inappropriate behavior would include the following:

                           A. Spanking or physically striking a child

                           B. Harsh yelling at a child

                           C. Forced restraint (except when a child is in danger of hurting himself or injuring another child). In general, any activity that is unduly harsh (whether by neglect or commission) or any activity that is questionable sexually should be carefully avoided.

     4.  Physical Contact - Workers will not normally hold children older than Kindergarten age in their laps.


I have read and understand the guidelines
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Calvary Bible Church 

Ministry Covenant

Expectations for Ministry Partners

Faith - I profess and active faith in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and seek to grow in full discipleship to serve Him.

Support - I promise to support the ministry, leadership, Constitution and Statement of Faith of Calvary Bible Church in our efforts together to be faithful for the Great Commission.

Training - I will make every effort to attend training programs and Sunday morning in-service sessions for the sake of the children I serve.

Preparation - I will pray and prepare in advance lessons prescribed by the Children's Ministry Leadership so that I am effective when I arrive for my ministry

Team - I will commit to excellence by arriving on time for my teaching or service. I will notify my leader when I will be absent and find my own replacement.

Pray - I will pray for those under my ministry charge and the ministry as a whole.

I have read and understood the Ministry Covenant. I will do my best to abide by these expectations.
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Application for Next Generation Ministry Staff

I. Personal Information
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Present Address
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Marital Satus *
Employer Address
Employer Address
Supervisor's Name
Supervisor's Name
May we contact your employer for a reference?
Have you ever been charged, arrested, convicted, plead guilty, or acquitted of a crime(other than minor traffic violations)? *
Have you ever been substantiated, charged, arrested, convicted, plead guilty or acquitted of any crime or violation involving a child, including child abuse, child neglect, harming or threatening to harm a child's health or welfare through physical or mental injury, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation or maltreatment? *
Do you have any communicable diseases, such as TB, Hepatitis B? *
Do you have any conditions, such as seizures or sever depression, that may endanger the children or frighten them? *
II. Testimony
III. Church
Are you a member of Calvary Bible Church? *
Teachers must be members
You must be currently attending Calvary Bible Church for at least 6 consecutive months to participate in the Children's Ministry Program
Please indicate attendance regularity and frequency
Sunday Morning Worship *
Sunday Evening Worship *
Sunday School *
Wednesday Night *
Are you involved in any other ministry? *
What age level do you wish to serve? *
In what capacity do you wish to serve *
What program and hour do you wish to serve? *
Have you read, understood, and do you agree with the Next Generation Ministry Covenant and Staff Guidelines *
IV. Church history and prior ministry with children/students
Please list all previous churches you have attended regularly during the past 5 years and describe any ministry you had there with children/students
Please list all previous non-church work involving children/students during the past 5 years.
Have you read the Constitution and Statement of Faith of Calvary Bible church? *
Are you in compete agreement with it? *
Are you willing to voluntarily submit to the authority and decisions of the Elders of Calvary Bible Church and the leadership of the Next Generation Ministry? *
V. Personal References
Please provide the names of two people, not related to you, who would have a definite knowledge of your character and your qualifications to work with children/students. Pease notify them that you have given their names as a reference
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Calvary Bible Church staff and/or ministry leader
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Social Friend or Neighbor
Should my application be accepted and I participate in a ministry within Calvary Bible Church, I agree to be bound by the Constitution and Statement of Faith of Calvary Bible Church, the Christian Education policies, and to refrain from unscriptural conduct in the performance of my services on behalf of the church. I understand that in consideration of the opportunity to participate in Calvary Bible Church ministry and in consideration of the receipt and evaluation of this application by Calvary Bible Church, I release Calvary Bible Church, including its members, volunteers, employees and agents, from any claim that I may have against them as a result of this application process, or any injury or illness that may occur during participation in Calvary Bible Church activities and ministries. The release of any person hosting any Calvary Bible Church activities. This release of liability shall include, without limitation, any claims for negligence and breach of fiduciary duty against Calvary Bible Church and its members, volunteers, employees or agents. I further state that I HAVE CAREFULLY READ THE FOREGOING APPLICATION AND RELEASE AND KNOW THE CONTENTS THEREOF AND I SIGN THIS RELEASE AS MY OWN FREE ACT. This is a legally binding agreement which I have read and understand.
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