LifeGroups meet on Sunday mornings. There are a variety of groups that meet either at 9:00 a.m. or 10:30 a.m., and there is bound to be a group just right for you!

Whatever your life stage or circumstance, there’s a group here full of people who share your circumstances and goals. Single and career-oriented, to wrestling with pre-schoolers, to empty nesters and retirees, we have groups that know what you’re dealing with every day and they’ve found encouragement for life and spiritual nourishment in the fellowship that exists within our LifeGroups.


We encourage everyone from Grade 3 up to adults to attend one of the worship services and also a LifeGroup. We provide biblical instruction and minister to children Grade 2 and younger during both morning services.

We believe that these groups are the best way for you to begin getting to know people so that you can feel like you are really a part of the congregation. In each group, you’ll find people growing spiritually and growing closer as they study God’s Word and fellowship together.

Directions to each LifeGroup can be obtained at the Welcome Center in the lobby.

Download our LifeGroup brochure for more information.

Lifegroups meeting at 9:00am


College and Young Adults (post-high school to 26)

Location: The Chapel
Class Leaders: Sam & Karen Logan

Kingdom Seekers

A group of adults of varying ages seeking to encourage one another toward a closer, growing relationship with our Lord

Location: Room 212
Class Leader: Keith Robinson

Young Marrieds, Inc. (YMI)

Engaged through early years of marriage

Location: Room 214
Class Leaders: Tim & Sue Johnson

Wisdom’s Disciples

Empty Nesters

Location: Room 300
Class Leader: Roger Brown
Teaching Leader: Philip Smith


Senior saints with joyful hearts encouraging others

Location: Reception Room A
Teaching Leader: Dave Scheffers

Lifegroups meeting at 10:30am

Marriage in Motion

Couples in their 20’s and 30’s

Location: Reception Room A
Class Leader: Brian Jacobs


All are welcome

Acts 17:11 tells us that the Bereans "received the Word with great eagerness..."  This new class will unwrap the sermon heard during the first service, think, talk, and pray together over the Word received, and then commit to apply it in the coming week.  Everyone welcome.

Location: Chapel
Class Facilitator: Sunil John
Class Leaders: Dave & Sue DeDoes


Adults with young children through high school

Location: Room 212
Class Leader:

Joint Heirs  

Adults with children school-aged through college

Location: Room 300
Class Leader: Fred Crookston

León de Judá  

A Hispanic ministry whose purpose is to proclaim the Gospel to the Hispanic community.

Location: Room 214
Class Leader: Santiago & Jen Martinez

His Branches

Women of all ages

Location: Reception Room B
Class Leaders: Judy Schulz &  Jackie Rowe

Worship Ministries

Adult class with a unique schedule tailored to meet the needs of those involved in the Worship Ministries

Location: Choir Room
Class Leader: Mark Duncan

God’s Lambs

Adults with special needs

Location: Room 304
Class Leaders: Cheri Weststrate, Dave & Yvonne Horton, Kathy Lesman